Would having a labiaplasty cause problems for a future delivery? Will I tear in the same spot & have more nerve damage?

I have a labia tear that happened during childbirth 1 year ago. I was sutured after birth, but the stitches did not hold twice. So my tear is visible and I find it unpleasing. Some what uncomfortable when it rubs on my intimates. I plan to conceive in 6-8 months with more children in the future.I am so concerned with it tearing, scarring & causing more nerve damage. My right labia is now bigger than my left due to the tear next to my clitoris.

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Would a Labiaplasty Cause Problems with a Future Delivery?

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Thank you for posting your interesting question. The labia minora are superficial vaginal tissues and a labiaplasty will not interfere with future deliveries. Women with small and large labia deliver babies every day without problems. I recommend that you consider having a labiaplasty after you have finished with your pregnancies. You can have a consultation with an Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is experienced with labiaplasty who can examine you, answer all of your questions, discuss your goals, explain the labiaplasty procedure, and show you dozens of their before and after results. Best wishes, Dr. Richard Swift


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Estimado: Gracias por su pregunta con un ninfoplastia y vaginoplastia se corrige y se ponen los labios simétricos o idénticos y no desgaran de nuevo por la relación por el contrario va a mejorar su relación sexual y en última instancia no afecta el sistema nervioso sensorial.

Miriam Luciano, MD
Dominican Republic OB-GYN

Labiaplasty and future vaginal births.

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Having labiaplasty preformed should not have an impact on a future vaginal birth.  The size of the labia minora does not change the dynamics of a vaginal delivery and should not cause nerve damage.  Women born with small labia do just fine with the delivery of their babies.

Lori Warren, MD
Louisville Urogynecologist

Pregnancy After Labiaplasty

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Much like breasts and breast surgery, how a woman’s #labia or #vagina will respond to one or multiple births is impossible to predict. At best, there will be little changes in the labial area. The vaginal canal is likely to be stretched and have more redundant mucosa. It is possible to have tears in the perineal region or actual incisions by the obstetrician with scar tissue. If you have questions about your labia and new pregnancy your plastic surgeon would be good to evaluate your situation according to your specific case. Best of luck to you!

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 116 reviews

Repair of post-childbirth labial tear. Performance of repaired labia during subsequent childbirth.

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...Two parts to your answer: 1. If & how to repair your labial obstetrical tear, and 2. What is the later risk of labial tear during subsequent vaginal childbirth.
1. Impossible to say without photos whether your tear can be "fixed" (I suspect it can, but more difficult since this the "...third try"!) Important advice: ONLY (!) go to a surgeon with a GREAT amount of experience and one who is comfortable with both linear and wedge repairs. This is the time to see an expert, even if it means travelling...
2. THIS is an area of special interest of mine. In addition to being a surgeon, I am a researcher , and I have long wished to set up a study examining how labial repairs fare with subsequent vaginal childbirths, and whether there is a difference in post-repair obstetrical "tear rates" between linear/trim and V or V-Y wedge repairs.  For various reasons, this is an impossible study, and it has not been performed. However, I have polled several high-volume experienced surgeons who do V-wedges, who do linears. Between us we have done > 3,000 labiaplasties, and none of has had any calls from patients to the tune of "...Y' know, you performed a labiaplasty on me X years ago, and it tore to hell when I gave birth..." Additionally, there is no evidence that one method (linear vs wedge) fares better than the other...
The other question is, how long after a LP should ytou wait tio "test" the incision with vaginal childbirth? It takes ~ 6 months for the surgical area to re-vascularize, but I would give it a minimum of 1 year from surgery before encountering the extreme stretched of childbirth.
Very best wishes,
Michael P Goodman, MD
Davis, CA, USA

Future deliveries

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Hi there,
You may want to wait until after you are through with childbirth if you are concerned about future tearing and scarring during a vaginal delivery. While you shouldn't have any more issues with the scarring you already have, there is always a possibility something unpredictable can happen during any delivery. That being said, many women have a labiaplasty and then have children. Good luck.
Dr. Jennifer S. Hayes 
Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon

Concerned about reinjuring your injured labia with future childbirth

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You don't have nerve damage. If you did, the area would be numb and you wouldn't feel a thing. What you have is scarring that pulls on nerves. It shouldn't break further with future deliveries because everything is looser now. I would defer repairing the damage until you're done with vaginal childbirth.

Would have a labiaplasty cause problems for a future delivery? Will I tear in the same spot and have more nerve damage?

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Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your labial tear.  Depending on the extent, location, and quality of remaining tissue at the tear site you may not have any further injury due to another pregnancy, but only time will tell.  After your next delivery see a labiaplasty surgeon in consultation to discuss treatment options at reconstructing your right labia minora.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Having a labiaplasty will not cause you problems for future deliveries.  No one can predict if you will or will not tear in the same spot.  Without photos it is difficult to assess your condition  I advise you to see a well versed cosmetic vaginal surgeon if you have specific questions.
John R Miklos MDAtlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

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