Can I improve my smile? I don't like smiling big or laughing without covering my mouth (Photo)

I have 2 peg teeth on both sides of my 2 front teeth. I have crowns on them now which are darker to me and I don't like the gum that shows above them.

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Unhappy smile

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Great Question--there are many options to enhance your smile. The gums are quite uneven in front as well as along your upper back teeth. Often times we will offer an intraoral preview to help patients like you be able to visualize in your own mouth your different options and their impact. This puts you in the drivers seat to clearly decide on your treatment and outcome.See an accomplished cosmetic dentist that can do this for you. You have a lot of great things about your smile and numerous choices as well.Good Luck

Smile Makeover

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The crowns can be redone to have the color match but you should think about having the gums treated to create better symmetry.  Also, adding veneers on front teeth or even more will make your case look even better.

Joel Klasfeld, DDS
New York Dentist

Cosmetic improvement

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There are definitely options that can improve the appearance of the teethIt appears that the gum levels are also uneven, this would need to be corrected to get an optimum esthetic result
The choice of crown material and technician will affect the final result. Ensure before things are finalized you get to do a cosmetic approval. These are front teeth they have to be perfect.I wish you success in your journey
Dr J

Saj Jivraj, DDS
Oxnard Dentist

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