Bright Redness on breasts 3 days post-op; could it be a infection? (Photos)

Ive noticed my right breast near the incision is red and then there is a place on my left breast that is bright red as well. SLIGHTLY warm to touch and well I'm sore since i did just have surgery i switched from saline to silicone. Id like to know is this normal? or not?

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Bright Redness on breasts 3 days post-op; could it be a infection? (Photos)

It is my recommendation that you get in to be seen by your surgeon right away. If the skin is warm to the touch and red, those are indications of an infection that needs to be ruled out by your surgeon. It could be skin irritation, but always better to be safe than sorry.Good luck!

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#BreastImplantRevision - bright redness, could it be a infection?

Yes, it could and for that reason you need to be seen in person by your own surgeon.  I would advise contacting your surgeon right away and letting him or her know what's going on.  It may be (and hopefully will be) something as simple as an irritation or reaction to the adhesive, particularly in view of some of the location of the redness.  But you cannot assume that that's all it is.  Contact your PS and follow his or her instructions; those will most likely be a request to come in to the office and be seen in person.  I hope that this helps and good luck.  Dr. Alan Engler, Member of #RealSelf500

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Anytime we see redness around an incision, infection is a concern, and you should see your doctor ASAP. Having said this, judging from your photos only, you may just be reating to the steri strips on the incision, or the adhesive.Good luck

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Bright Redness on breasts 3 days post-op; could it be a infection?

Yes, redness and warmth can potentially be signs of an infection;  whether or not this is the case can best be determined by your plastic surgeon. Let him/her know of your concerns.  Best wishes.

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