Am I a good candidate for these BBL results? (photos)

I'm in Hampton roads and looking for a doctor who does aggressive loop around the abdominal and waist, also back. Am I able to get my desired look? Because I do heavy lifting at work, what is the length of time I should take off? My wish is a real self patient a well who has gotten her bbl with a Miami doctor I believe.

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I think that you might be able to have a nice result. I think that lipo fof the abdomen and waist first to use as donor sites, and then staging a tummy tuck might be a good option.  Best to be seen in person.

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 Thank you for your inquiry. In  my opinion you would be an excellent candidate and I would expect an beautiful  results.  How long you should take off and you love it on the type of work you do, whether it is standing or sitting.  With that said plus my patients are back to work within 7 to 10 days. Good luck Let me know how I can help

John Mancoll, MD
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Am I a good candidate for these BBL results?

Yes, you appear to be a very good candidate from looking at your photos. You should plan on taking 1-2 weeks off of work. The beautiful thing about BBL is that it allows you to lose fat from the areas where you have more than enough, while adding that same fat to the areas where you do not have enough! That way both the donor and the recipient sites improve. Yes, you are a good BBL candidate. You will likely do very well and enjoy a nice outcome. Good luck!

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BBL in Virginia Beach


Thanks for the question and photos.  Based on your photos you look like a great candidate for BBL.  I think you should meet with a plastic surgeon and start discussing what you are looking for and see what your surgeon thinks.  I think your wish pics are pretty reasonable.  You probably need about 2 weeks off from work depending on what you do.  If you do a lot of heavy lifting then maybe more like three weeks.  

Good Luck

Brian Arslanian, MD
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