9 yr post cancer breast small & hard (partial mastectomy, chemo, radiation). Ok to remove scar mass & lift; reduce other breast?

Scar mass on upper rt. pole significant. W/ weight gain, left breast grew & sagged 1 cup difference. After weight loss, I want a lift on post-cancer breast and a reduction/nipple resize on left breast to match. 1. Can the golf-ball scar tissue mass be removed? Don't care about upper pole fullness. If not, will upper pole fat transfer on left breast help "match"? (I know perfect symmetry is unlikely.) 2. should I wait to have matching left breast surgery till after right breast is fully healed?

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Breast Cancer

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The most important part is to determine the nature of the mass you describe. A physical examination and Mammogram, MRI then possible biopsy to determine the nature of the mass then  one can start talking about a lift or any other procedure

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