Viral or Bacterial Infections While Recovering From Breast Augmentation.

Hi Doctors - I had breast augmentation four days ago. While initial recovery has been okay so far, my boyfriend and I kissed two days post-op, only to discover the next day that he has a sore throat. While I am on Keflex for five days post my BA, I am worried that his viral or bacterial infections might have passed to me and may affect my recovery, or possibly lead to capsular contracture or other complications in the future. Please advise what I can do to reduce future complications? Thx

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Capsular contracture following breast augmentation

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No one knows for certain what causes capsular contractures, but infections seem to increase the chances. Quite possibly your boyfriend had a viral  sore throat and  there nothing to do except stay away from him until he is well.  if you develop a bacterial infection then it should be treated when you actually get sick.  Prophyllactic antibiotics in this situation are not indicated.  Follow your surgeon's post-operative instructions and notify him/her right away if you devlop a sore throat or other symptoms of illness.

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Infection after breast augmentation

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A viral illness is not infrequent after the stress of surgery, though this should pose little risk to your breast implants. Even a bacterial sore throat (strep?) should not be an issue for your implants if you are appropriately diagnosed and treated. The Keflex bit for five days after has no proven benefit and we gave it up a few years back, probably only selects for the 'bad actors'.

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Preventing infections after Breast Augmentation

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Most plastic surgeons will recommend antibiotic while recovering from a breast augmentation to prevent infections although there is no real proof that this has any effect.   The consequences of having an infected breast implants in most surgeon's minds justify the giving of antibiotics.  

My suggestion during recovery is to follow your postop instructions carefully, take your prescriptions as instructed,  keep sick relatives away (including sick boyfriends) and hope for the best.   There is only so much you can do.


Adam Hamawy, MD
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