2 weeks post extended TT - hurts to pull on compression garments? (photo)

I am supposed to be wearing a panty girdle provided by my doctor. When I try to slide it over my hips, specifically over my left one, there is a shooting pain that goes down my leg. (this is the end of the incision) I still need help to get in and out of the girdle and I prefer to continue wearing the binder because it is easier for going to the bathroom,etc... Do I need to be concerned about the pain? I am no longer taking narcotics. Just tylenol every 4 to 6 hours.

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Painful Garment After Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for your picture. This pain when you slide your garment over your left hip may be irritating a nerve that gives sensation to the thigh.  This should improve if your PS is insistent on the garment use.  Please visit with your PS to see if he/she wishes continued use of the garment.

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2 weeks post extended TT - hurts to pull on compression garments?

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This is an issue for your surgeon to decide on. Best to be seen ASAP to receive man answer. Good luck///  

Compression Garments After Extended TT

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The compression garment may be too tight, especially because you are swollen. Consult with your surgeon.

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