How can I enlarge my small penis?

I would like to know how can I enlarge my small penis , so if u have any idear please share with me Thnx

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Penis Enlargement options

Penis enlargement surgery, known as “phalloplasty,” is performed to enhance the length and width of the penis. This is a popular procedure that is frequently performed in our New York Surgical Center.
The majority of patients will choose to have penis lengthening or widening performed alone or together in a single session. Glanular and scrotal enhancement can also be added to penis enlargement or performed alone to meet the individual’s unique needs and desires.
Up to one-half of the penis is located in the body in a curvature, anchored to the pubic bone by the fundiform and suspensory ligament. By releasing the ligaments with an incision hidden in the pubic hair region, the penis will protrude on a straighter path with a one to two inch increase in functional length. Maximum length gain is achieved when patients comply with using a tension weight device, which we highly recommend. Penile lengthening procedures can be performed alone or along with widening and scrotal enhancement.
Widening of the penis to increase the girth (circumference) is performed in one of several ways.
Alloderm® Matrix is a thick sheet of tissue which is placed under the skin of the penis to achieve a width gain of up to 25-35 percent. Dr. Heller has pioneered the double layering technique for maximum gains in penile enlargement surgery. Procedure incisions heal quickly and require a downtime of only 1-2 days.
Alternatively, the penis can be widened using the fat transfer method where fat is taken from the abdomen or flanks and injected beneath the skin of the penis to increase the thickness. No incisions and no stitches are required for this male enhancement surgery, which can be performed while you are awake. Results of this male enhancement are immediate and normal activities can be resumed the following day. Harvested fat can be stored and used for subsequent procedures to achieve a quite large increase in penile length and width.
A fat transfer can be performed as a procedure by itself for men looking for a quick, lower cost way to achieve penile enlargement.
Sometimes patients who have received penile widening or male enlargement, via liposuction/lipotransfer (fat injection) or autograft dermal fat graft or Allograft Dermal Matrix Graft (Alloderm®) desire additional girth enhancement.
Subsequent fat transfers can always be used to enhance width when the patient has chosen to leave some fat in cold storage from their previous penis enhancement.
Alloderm® techniques can be used to insert Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts above and below a previously inserted graft with excellent results in patients who have had previous widening procedures.

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Safe Penis Enlargement

There are many ways to go wrong with penile surgery. Most interventions marketed to increase penis size can be very destructive. "Permanent fillers" such as silicone, radiesse sculptra etc should never be injected and tend to create life changing disasters. In my opinion incision based interventions should not be performed in general. Ligament transection, v-y plasty and other incision based techniques can cause pathological scarring and actually shrink the length of the penis and threaten its function. In my practice I offer a structural fat based technique that allows lengthening and dramatic increase in girth of the penis while avoiding the complication profiles of other techniques. Using the patient's own fat, I push the base of the penis away from the abdominal wall and stent out the length, shape and increase the girth of the penis. Patient satisfaction is very very high and deleterious consequences are avoided. There is a limitation to the length and girth that can be obtained but dramatic gains can be delivered safely. I hope this helps!

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