Can I take a bath or go to a pool after the Mona Lisa treatment?

How long should I wait to take a bath or go to a pool after my first treatment?

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Taking a bath after MonaLisa Procedure

I suggest waiting 24 hours (1 day) before taking a bath.   I also suggest you avoid using very hot water until the healing is complete.   Congrats on starting your MonaLisa treatments.  My patients are having great results!

MonaLisa Touch

Always check with your doctor who performed the procedure.  Generally bathing with mild soap can be done 24 hours later, and private pool swimming in a few days after the irritation is gone.  Good luck, all of my patients have had positive results!

Bath and pool after the MonaLisa treatment

After each treatment, you must wait 48 hours prior to taking a bath or getting into the pool.   However, if you have an external treatment (which most of us do at the same time), then it is best to wait a week to let that fragile skin heal.   

Bathing after?

Good question and probably lots of opinions. Since my treatment protocol involves introital (opening skin) and vulvar/labial cauterization, I think some slight change in recommendations are necessary. Before this I would not have limited you other than no sex for 2 days, but now it is necessary to take into account the skin injury and reaction (swelling etc.) which is usually minimal. If it is minimal, do as you wish. If swollen and weeping then wait 4-5days (unusual). Personal bath tub not a problem, nor your shower. Public, more of a concern.

Bathing and swimming after Mona Lisa or FemiLift a few days later

I recommend 3 days of "pelvic rest" after FemiLift or Mona Lisa primarily for comfort and theoretically to reduce the chance of infection or irritation from whatever may be lurking in the water supply.

Monalisa Touch treatment

As an experienced MonaLisa Touch provider, I have come to provide dual treatment for each session, treating both internally and externally. Most women complain after successful internal treatment that the most uncomfortable part of intercourse after menopause is the "entry."  If you are receiving only internal treatment, I would say swimming or bathing can be resumed the following day. If receiving both, bathing can resume the following day, but would refrain from swimming in a pool, lake, or ocean after any mild vulvar irritation resolves, which is typically only a few days.  Best of luck on your journey in resolving your symptoms of vaginal atrophy. Warmly, Jennifer Murphy, M.D.

Swimming after Laser Vaginal Treatments

There is minimal downtime following laser vaginal resurfacing with MLT, FemiLift, etc. Since the vaginal walls have been intentionally ablated it is common to have a watery, pinkish discharge after each treatment for 2-4 days. You should also refrain from intercourse or place anything in the vagina (tampons) for 4 nights. You will want to avoid swimming in a public pool due to the discharge, but you can certainly take a bath the same day of your procedure.

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