Why am I being refer to a Hospital to have my Dental Procedures done? I Was told its because of my past medical history. (photo)

In an attempt last week to have 5 extractions from the top..and about 4 from the bottom..In order to get dentures. ....I Was told that my procedures would have to be done in the Hospital because of my past medical history. Now Im Apprensive about having it done. Im Considering changing my mind about the Anesthesia (sleep). Why was This Considered? Thank You...Sincerely, Brenda P.

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Hospital recommended for surgery

There are risks associated with any surgery.  These risks must be explained to and understood by each patient before they consent to have their surgery done.  When it is in the patient's best interest to have their procedure done in a hospital setting, it is the obligation of the surgeon to inform the patient.  Based on your medical history and the complexity of your surgery, your surgeon felt is was best for you to have these teeth extracted under anesthesia in a hospital.  It may be possible that if you decide you can tolerate using local anesthetic only, your procedure could be done safely in the office.  Your safety is of the utmost importance.

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