Vitamin E to Prevent Capsular Contracture After Implant Reconstruction?

Even though vitamin e isn't proven to prevent capsular contracture if it doesn't hurt then why not, right? How many IU's is recommended and how long after surgery should I begin taking it. My surgeon didn't have a recommendation, so I thought I'd seek other advice.

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Vitamin E not likely to help prevent capsular contracture

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Although it is a common recommendation, there is no evidence that vitamin E can prevent or treat capsular contracture. In high doses it can actually be toxic so there is a downside to doing it. If you do decide to give it  a try, don't use more than is recommended on the bottle. (You may also be interested to know that studies have found that rubbing vitamin E on scars doesn't help either.)

Vitamin E and capsular contractures

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There are no reports suggesting that Vitamin E ingestion has any benefit to minimize the risk of capsular contractures.  Sorry.

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