Should ThermiVa perform by doctors only ??

I want to know that if ThermiVa Procedure performed by doctor only ?? The place that I am going to get done Its going to be done by doctor . I'm just curious . Thanks

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ThermiVa Treatments

Hi and thank you for you question!
In our office, our physician extenders (our NP & two PA's) perform all of the ThermiVa treatments.This is legal in California. It does depend on the state, as far as what the requirements are.
Dr. Grant Stevens

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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ThermiVa can be performed by trained professionals in the office.  Some offices have physicians or RN's perform the procedure.  Speak with your provider about their credentials to help you feel comfortable and confident during your treatment.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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ThermiVa done right for the right reasons.

We use the physician and the RN in our practice to provide a treatment time that is convenient for you.

Check out this quick video to learn even more things ThermiVa can do to improve vaginal function and form and improve your confidence.

Hope to see you soon...

Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
Fayetteville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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This procedure can be performed by aestheticians and nurses in the office.  Please refer to the thermiVa website to get a list of providers in your area.  

Ali Sadeghi, MD, FACS
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Although it is not always required that a doctor perform the ThermiVa treatment, it is strongly recommended that you visit with a doctor specialized and trained in ThermiVa and its application before receiving a ThermiVa treatment. 

Ginger Isom-Batz, MD
Dallas Urologist
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Not necessarily

Thermiva treatments are fairly standardized and are something that mid level practitioners like nurse practitioners or physician assistants can do well.  That said, it is crucial that all women considering Thermiva treatment are evaluated by a physician to make sure that it is an appropriate treatment, and that all other possible treatments have been considered.

At Pearl Women's Center, we strongly believe that this treatment should be delivered after thorough evaluate by a gynecologic surgeon fully trained in evaluation of pelvic floor disorders.  Patients suffering from the problems that Thermiva can address may be candidates for many different therapies.  In some cases, problems are severe enough that the optimal treatment is surgery, rather than Thermiva, and in fact Thermiva may be a suboptimal therapy.   In the hands of a practitioner that does not do the full spectrum of pelvic floor therapies, Thermiva is a hammer and everything is a nail, leading to patients who are dissatisfied with the therapy because they were never good candidates in the first place.  But when offered to the right patients, we can expect good outcomes in the vast majority of patients. 

Nicholas Fogelson, MD
Portland OB/GYN
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ThermiVa treatments

Depending on the state, you can have physician extenders do the treatments.  Our practice model is to have physicians perform the treatments only - we do this for all our nonsurgical treatments including laser treatments, injections and energy based treatments like Thermi.  Our patients expect the best and we have our treating physicians continually trained and educated on the latest procedures and techniques.
Brian Buinewicz MD

Brian R. Buinewicz, MD
Doylestown Plastic Surgeon
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Who can perform ThermiVa Treatments?

Thank you for your question. Rules and regulations in regards to who can perform ThermiVa vary depending on where you live. In Los Angeles,ThermiVa can be performed by a trained technician under the supervision of a physician. It really comes down to how experienced the person administering the treatment is and whether or not protocol/treatment guidelines are being followed. Hope this helps.

Brian M. Kinney, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Should ThermiVa be performed by doctors only?

Dear Mama1321,

As the first Ob/Gyn in San Antonio to be offering ThermiVa, I feel it is important that a doctor performs the procedures.  Since I practice cosmetic-plastic gynecology, this is a great option for women who have mild pelvic relaxation that may not be surgical candidates for vaginal rejuvenation or for the very active women who don't have the downtime for surgery.  If the ThermiVa does not produce the desired results, one can always re-examine the surgical options. This can also be used on patients who are not surgical candidates due to medical problems like diabetes, morbid obesity and breast cancer who cannot take estrogen.

Without meaning to be disrespectful, it is hard to imagine women going to dermatologists, med spas or plastic surgeons for these vaginal treatments as they do not specialize in women's sexual health issues nor do they focus their practices on female surgeries if that is needed.

I hope this information is helpful.


Dr. Troy Hailparn

Troy Hailparn, MD
San Antonio OB/GYN
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Is ThermiVa by doctors only?

This depends on local laws. There are certainly many non-physicians who operate these machines after the physician has examined the patient to make sure the the treatment is appropriate. 

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
Jersey City OB/GYN
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