What is the best way to even out my lower face/jaw line? (Photo)

I was taped giving a speech and noticed the unevenness of the lower half of my face. I had noticed it before but it did not seem pronounced enough for me to care. However, after seeing myself talking, it looks much more pronounced than I thought. When I open my mouth the right side of my jaw comes out more than the left side making my face look uneven. The left side of my jaw also pops when I open/close my mouth but it has never hurt or bothered me that much. What are my best options?

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What is the best way to even out my lower face/jaw line?

What you are asking for is referred to as orthognathic surgery.  If you are considering the surgery for appearance alone, I would advise you to not have the surgery.  I do not believe your cant is significant enough for surgery.  It is hardly noticable in the photos.  

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