Red spot in armpit after hair removal? (photos)

I just completed my third laser treatment. After the second treatment I noticed a faint red blotch in my armpit. After the third treatment the spot is bigger and darker and there is now a second smaller spot. They do not hurt or itch. It did not feel like a burn when I was getting the treatment done and I didn't notice swelling. What is this thing? Thank you for your help! (sorry for the stubble)

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Red spot in armpit after hair removal?

Thanks for your question and thanks for the photo – it helps.  I am not sure from the photo exactly what we are dealing with but I would contend that if it does not go away within a few weeks after the laser procedure you need to return to the provider and have the area examined. Sometimes, the post-treatment redness and swelling lasts longer than a few days – but this may or may not be related to this.  A board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon should look at this.

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Laser Hair Removal -- Takes a series of treatments – SPOTS/BLISTERS/BURNS WHAT TO DO?

the spots aren't painful, I would wait and see if they resolve on
their own. They may take up to a year to heal. Please see an expert.
Best, Dr. Emer

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