Lost almost 200 lbs but left with painful, heavy excess skin everywhere. Seeking help. Feels beyond uncomfortable (Photo)

I have no insurance since divorcing, I am writing to ask if there are any organizations that can help me with grants,or aid? I have seen a cosmetic surgeon and a personal trainer. they both gave me the same answer there is way too much skin sag and excess skin on my body to make much of a dent without surgical intervention. I'm in my mid 40's and my body looks and feels far older. If anyone knows of any grants or help - It will be sincerely appreciated. It's getting more painful

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Body contouring after weight loss

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Congratulations on your impressive weight loss.  Its common after significant weight loss to experience skin laxity and associated discomfort.  The good news is that body contouring surgery including body lift surgery, combined with breast lift, arm and thigh lift surgery can transform your body.  I am unaware about your options in your local area but many surgeons offer finance packages.

When unable to truly afford extensive surgery

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first see if 'Obamacare' polices will cover procedures following massive weight loss.  If it does, then sign up and find a provider who participates with those plans.  If not, training programs and newbies would be the best place to consider.  There will still be costs, but its anticipated to be less than what would be with established surgeons.  Newbies should be motivated to treat you for less (you have to ask) in exchange for experience (yes, its somewhat risky in ways) and to be able to use your photos in future marketing.  If there are none willing to negotiate with you, then see if there are any reality shows that will accept you.  It would be best if you could get your attorney to make your surgery as part of your settlement.

Congratulations on your weight loss!

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First of all, congratulations on doing what you had to do to lose all that excess weight.   Fat people do not live long!   Your trainer is right - exercise is very helpful for toning muscles and burning calories, but does not tighten skin.   In this country, even if you had the best insurance, you would have to pay for the surgery because removing excess skin is not considered medically necessary.   If you do not have money for the procedure, you might try a resident clinic at one of the local universities (Loma Linda would be closest to you, could also try UCI, UCLA or USC).     Good luck, you will feel a lot better about yourself after you get rid of the skin excess!   

Total Body Lift

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Total body lifts are performed in our Apple Valley office and include:1)breast lift2)tummy tuck3)lateral thigh and buttocks lift4)arm lift5)medial thigh lift6)fat grafting to the buttocksTotal body lift involves all of the above procedures that are performed simultaneously.

Reconstructive surgery following massive weight loss

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Thank you for your email. Congratulations for achieving massive weight loss. Well done !! I am not aware about the medical system in your country. In U.K , patients are assessed in NHS against set criteria and if they qualify, the procedures are funded by the NHS. You will require skin reduction procedures e.g. Lower body lift, breast lift, upper arm lift, thigh reduction , face lift and upper body lift. All these operations will be done in stages. May I suggest you that you get an opinion by a plastic surgeon in your area who specialises in this field. Best wishes

Shailesh Vadodaria, MD
London Plastic Surgeon

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