Does this look like swelling, or did he make the tip wider?

Hi! I had rhinoplasty 10 days ago to correct a deviated septum. I also had the prominence reduced and the tip de-projected. The tip looks far wider now. While I understand some of that may be due to swelling, my nostrils look wider apart to me. What do you think? Thanks!

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Nasal tip swelling is expected only ten days following Rhinoplasty Surgery

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If your doctor narrowed your tip cartilages, it may take many months to appreciate the improvement. When you see your physician, you should mention your concerns, and review your B&A photos at each postoperative visit to ensure proper healing.

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Swelling after nose surgery

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At 10 days after a rhinoplasty, it very likely what you are looking at is swelling. It is very early in the healing process to judge the result. 

Please prepare yourself for cycles of swelling going up and down over 6-8 weeks. The swelling may not go down evenly. One side will go down and then the other. The tip is the last area to calm down.  The majority of swelling will go away over 6-9 months, but even at a year there may be residual swelling.

When you go to your follow-up appointment ask your surgeon about the course of swelling relative to the amount of surgery performed and your skin thickness.

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