Something's sticking out of my vagina I need help! (photo)

This i know for a fact hasn't always been this way. I do have a child if that helps. I had my son years ago. I am 25 years old. I need to know what's hanging? I have never noticed this before.. It hurts to have sex it rubs and bleeds. Can a gynaecologist take this off? Or do I need surgery

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Yes, your gynecologist can remove it.

You have changes that are a result of your vaginal delivery.  The hymenal ring at the entrance of your vagina has torn and portions of it stick out, as a result it has become thicker over time and now is the root of your pain with sex.  This is easy to correct under local anesthesia. You should ask your gynecologist to remove it.

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What's hanging out

Hello. Thanks for taking the time to ask your question.  Rest assured you are by the first woman surprised by finding this. They are hymenal remnants. Back when you had sex for the first time, your hymenal was ruptured. When this happens it is very common that what remains of the hymen is little star like tags. As we age, we go through pregnancy, come in contact with irritants, these tags can swell on occasion. You can have these tags removed. I recommend having this done by a doctor who specializes in vaginal aesthetic or cosmetic surgery. Best wishes :-)
~Dr. P

Hymenal Tags

Your picture shows large hymenal remnants or tags.  Normally these don't bleed or become irritated. Before you remove these you should make sure these are the source of pain with sex and not another problem like scarring after your delivery.  A careful exam by a physician can determine if these are the source of your problem.  Cosmetically they would be easy to remove in the office under local anesthesia.

Daniel Sternfeld, MD
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Protruding vaginal Tissue

Thank you for sharing.   Your pic shows protruding normal vaginal rugae which can easily be corrected with a simple in office excision under local anesthesia.   Your Gynecologist might be able to do this, otherwise most cosmetic surgeons would feel very comfortable removing the projections.

David Ghozland, MD
Santa Monica OB/GYN
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Hymenal tags

These appear to be hymenal tissue. It can be removed. It seems your symptomatic by them. Thank you..

Rikesh T. Parikh, MD
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Hymenal Remnant

The hymen is a sheet of tissue that covers the opening of the vagina and then becomes broken with the insertion of tampons and/or intercourse. What then remains is what we call hymenal remnants (left over tissue) that surrounds the inner opening of the vagina. You may have noticed that this tissue is more obvious since having had children, this may be due to hormonal changes. A gynecologist or plastic surgeon can easily remove this surgically either in office or as outpatient procedure. Best wishes.

Labial tags

This should be a simple office procedure to correct. Your local Gynecologist should be able to take care of it.

Peter D. Weiss, MD
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Something's sticking out of my vagina I need help!

Hi... thank you for the question and photo... Do not worry or get scared... this is a remanent of the hymen tissue... this could be resected in the office. 

Luis A. Mejia, MD
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Hymenal Tags

This is probably a hymenal tag. It would require a small surgery to remove it and this could be just with local anesthetic in the office if you are OK with a needle poke and small pinch there. Sometimes these tags or remnants from your hymen can become inflamed and irritated. Not anything major, but a small pinch of surgery will get rid of this for you. A gyn or plastic surgeon can help.

Adam J. Oppenheimer, MD
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Hymenal tag hurts with sex

The photo shows a hymenal tag. It's essentially a skin tag that's in a bad location. Have it removed by your gynecologist. It shouldn't take more than a minute with local anesthesia in the office.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
Jersey City OB/GYN
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