Er:YAG Laser to Remove a Mole on Face. V-Beam Laser to Remove Redness. JUVÉDERM to Remove Indentation? (photo)

My doctor used an Er:YAG laser to remove a slightly raised small mole on my face 48 days ago. He is using a V-Beam laser on a low setting once every 2 weeks to remove the redness. Unfortunately for me there are two divots in my face around where the laser was used. My question is: while I wait for my skin to continue to fill in, would it be safe for me to get a Juvederm injection to help smooth out the area for the next 6 months? Would the Juvederm injection help the healing process in any way?

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Juvederm to indentation from mole removal

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Juvederm is safe to use on divets from mole removals, or acne pock marks, or other scars and indentations. It won't necessarily help you with the healing process, but into small areas like this it lasts quite a bit longer than in other areas like the lips or NLF lines.

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