2 Days After VI Peel is It Normal for my Face to Be Itching? Does This Mean It's Working?

I cannot see any flaking and there is no redness. But my face is itching like crazy. I hope to see some signs that this is working tomorrow...

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Itching After VI

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Yes, 2 days after your peel it is normal for your face to start itching. Days 3-5 are usually the worst days after a peel in terms of itching. However this is a completely normal reaction and is expected.

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Having a peel 2 days ago it is normal to feel itchiness. You should start peeling on day 3 make sure you keep your skin moisturized at all time. Don’t let it dry up because it will crack and can and will leave you scars. If you really can’t stand the itchiness make sure you see your PS to see what he can do for you.


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