VI Peel On Third Day and Just Flaking Around Mouth, Chin. Defective Peel or Normal?

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VI Peel

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It is normal to start peeling on the 3-4 day especially around the mouth. Everyone will peel differently depending on your skin and any skin product you are currently using. If you did not peel well this time, do not be discouraged. Try another Vi peel in 6-8 weeks.

Good Luck.

Dr okoro

VI peel

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No not defective peel material. may be defective peeler.

The skin needs to be prepared well to get the ultimate result from the light to medium VI peel.

Prepare the skin with Obaji skin care for 3-6 weeks then do the peel for the best results.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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