Does a Vi Peel Need to Be Applied by a Plastic Surgeon?

I am going for a vi peel next month at a "medi-spa." Although there are plastic surgeons there, the aesthetician will be performing the procedure. Is this appropriate?

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Does a Vi Peel Need to Be Applied by a Plastic Surgeon?

VI peel is a strong procedure but as long as you're in a medical spa you should be fine, the doctors will be on staff and there's usually a PA or RN in the office as well, ask the esthetician how much experience she has doing the procedure and for any before and after pictures as well. Good luck  

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Peels By A Plastic Surgeon

This is appropriate, however I would seek out a plastic surgeon that can apply the peel. At my office, I apply the peels to ensure the most effective results. 

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Vi peel at Medi- Spa

I always have the patient do a HydraFacial treatment immediately before the Vi peel.  Since this is a very light peel the HydraFacial gets any debris, such as built up make up and dead skin cells, off the skin and I get a much better result.  It is a very safe peel and I do not have a problem with a nurse doing it but I do it in my office.  With a plastic surgeon at the "spa" I would assume they are available if there are any questions.

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