Vertically C-section Made in Cuba 6 Years Ago. Was Told That Lipo is the Only Option? (photo)

I had a c-section in Cuba 6 years ago. They did it vertically. I want to remove it but the plastic surgeon I saw told me there is nothing else to do other than a lypo. That I'd trade a scar for another scar that probably won't look as "cute" I really don't want this scar anymore. Besides I can't seem to get rid of my tummy fat even when I work out 8 times a week (I teach zumba), I was told the reason is the c-section. Is this true? I live in Alberta Canada but I'm willing to travel. Thanks!

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Abdominal scar - vertical

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Liposuction or a hidden bikini tummy tuck may improve your scar and improve lower abdominal contour. 

Vertically C-section Made in Cuba 6 Years Ago. Was Told That Lipo is the Only Option?

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Thanks for the question and photos posted. I think an aggressive lipo could vastly improve the appearance but I might recommend a superior scar revision for the superior dog ear deformity near the umbilicus. 

Tummy Tucks can improve abdominal contours

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No, liposuction is not your only answer. You look like a possible candidate for  a tummy tuck- of course you would be trading your current scar for a low abdominal one above the pubic area and around your belly button. It all depends on how loose your skin and fatty tissue is as to whether you would benefit from the tummy tuck. It looks like the scar is tethering your tissue and perhaps the tissues were not as well united in the C-section incision closure. Having children period can weaken your abdominal muscles and despite exercising regularly you may not be able to regain good muscle tone (this can be tightened in a tummy tuck). Liposuction can reduce some of the fatty areas you don't like, but may not do much to smooth out the appearance of the vertical scar. You can use liposuction carefully with a tummy tuck procedure to contour your midline/hip/flank areas and acheive a balanced appearance.

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