Vertical Scar That Extends Below Breast Fold After Lift

Help! I am panicking my that I went in for a Lejour lift and came out with a scar extending below my crease! I have never heard of this before and the doc says it should drop and round out on the bottom. Have anyone seen this before? I am so worried about it. My doc did say give it 6 months and then maybe if it doesn't drop he can do a revision. My question first is if this should even be like this. Secondly how hard would a revision be and what can be done to make it look right?

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SEE VIDEO BELOW: Vertical scar lift extends below breast crease.

Listen to your surgeon!  The vertical scar often extends below the breast crease in the early phases of wound healing for about 6-9 months. Occasionally this will require a short horizontal scar at 9 months if it persists.

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Vertical Scar Length after Breast Lift?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

At this stage in your recovery what you are seeing and experiencing is quite normal. You will find that the breast appearance and the visibility of the vertical scar will change with time. Don't be surprised if the vertical incision “below the inframammary crease” is barely visible 6 months after surgery. If not, revisionary surgery is relatively simple (but probably won't be necessary).

I hope this helps.

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Vertical closure of breasts

The incision for a vertical breast lift runs from the base of the areola to the inframammary fold.  It may very weil raise up as the tissue descends a bit.

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Vertical incision below breast

Vertical incision breast lift, such as the Lejour procedure, requires several weeks to months to produce the final result. If you are dissatisfied after 6 months, scar revision involves skin excision and is usually performed in the office as relatively minor surgery.

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Scarring after breast lift

Don't panic. This is perfectly "normal" after a vertical breast lift. Be patient and give it time, most of these do improve over a 6 month period of time. If it doesn't, it is simple to correct with a minor scar revision in the office.

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Relax is right answer.

It is unhelpful to second guess why you have a small vertical extension to the incision.  Things will change greatly in 6 months- believe me, you can't fight time and gravity.

In the unlikely event a revision is needed, it would be piece of cake in the office thing.  So please, despite the possibility of so manhy complications, you have done well and have a very nice result.  Relac, let it heal, enjoy yourself.

Scott E. Kasden, MD, FACS
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