If You Have Vertical Maxillary Excess AND a Long Upper Lip Can Both Be Fixed?

Would I be able to find one doctor that can fix both problems? I have a long face in general and I want to shorten both the upper lip and the upper jaw. If I shorten my longer than normal upper lip I know I will show too much teeth at rest, but if I'm agreeing to wear braces again and shorten my jaw a 2nd time, can I do this? If I'm willing to go thru all this, then I should be able to find doctor or doctors willing to help me see my plan thru?

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Gosh, I would love to see a photo of you.

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In general the answer is yes.  You need a craniofacial surgeon with a working knowledge of occusion (rare) or a very skilled Maxillofacial surgeon with a flair for this (also rare).  The bottom line is much depends on your actual issues.  This may be much more than you need or entirely appropriate.  Be very careful in your search for a well qualified surgeon.

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