What is this vertical line under my eyes? (photo)

Since past two years, i got really bad undereye circles. Just last year i noticed this line extending towards my left cheek. I only have this line on my left side. Can you please let me know, is it festoon or something else? What are my options to treat it? Is it going to get worse or is there anything i can do to prevent further damage? Is there any such treatment which can help it to lift from the outer corner of my eye, so it can atleast look better (like in one of the pics I am attaching).

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Change in eyes

Your photo suggests that you have slight downward shifting of the tissues over the cheek bones.
Avoiding the sun may help slow down the process.
It is a normal process that happens in most people.
Fillers including fat transplants, Juvederm and Voluma can help to conceal it.Surgery can help to correct it. Best wishes.

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