I Need Vertical Lenth in my Chin, Chin Implant Not Helping,I Want a Enlongated Heart Shape Face.

I had chin implant doctor outside of US.The implant was boxy, gave me infection and was displaced so 2 mos back removed it and got a new silicone implant while i was getting a rhinoplasty from US.I was happy that the old implant gave me lenth.New implant is the laregest of it's size but face looks round. what can be done?How much Genioplasty cost and what is the recovery time?Can it be done in 2 mo after chin implant?My rhinoplasty was v.bearable,is Genioplasty is more hard to deal with?THANKS!!

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Chin Osteotomy Needed For Vertical Lengthening

The only way to vertically lengthen a chin is with an osteotomy. The chin can be dropped down and an interpositional hydoxyapatite block placed to create up to 10 to 15mms of elongation if needed. Most patients don't need that much length but usually a minumum of 8 to 10mms is needed. Because of the U-shaped geometry of the chin, it gets more narrow as it is vertically lengthened. This will help to create more of a 'heart-shaped' face for you. A osteoplastic genioplasty is not much worse to go through than a full rhinoplastyt and actually has a little less recovery from an appearance standpoint as there are no dressings after surgery beyond the first night. The chin will be swollen but looks much more normal in about 10 days after surgery as the swelling really starts going away.

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Elongated, Heart Shaped Face

Pictures would be helpful, but a genioplasty id the best way to elongate the face. As long as your occlusion is normal,  your experience with a genioplasty will be similar to that with your rhinoplasty.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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