Vertical Crack or What?

I had a deep filling & every since I have had a pain/zing sensation on "bite down" not release. I have had about 10 appointments to correct to include: many "bite" adjustments, replaced filling, RC eval, prepped for a crown, root canal & today the final crown. Bite down pain persists. @ RC the endodontist could not see any cracks&suggested this pain was just inflammation of tissue around tooth. X-ray shows no bone resorption....yet. . So much time,$,& lost PTO from work :(. Going on 9mo now

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Vertical Crack in an Endodontically Treated Tooth

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Sometimes there is excessive force and pressure on the tooth and structure during root canal treatment. This may cause a vertical rooth fracture causing pain and inflammation. Normal x rays will not be able to diagnosis this and it is very hard to see. The best way for a dentist to diagnosis if there is a crack is with the use of a Cone Beam Cat Scan.  If there is a vertical fracture, the tooth needs to be extracted and an implant put in place. I am so sorry this has happened to you, but find a dentist who can accurately diagnose whether there is a vertical root fracture and the extent so they can do a proper extraction and implant placement.

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Cracked Tooth

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I am  sorry to hear about the continual pain that you are having with  this tooth.  It really sounds as though the tooth does have a crack and an extraction is in your future.  If the tooth is extracted I would consider a dental implant to replace the tooth.  Good luck.  

Vertical crack

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Unfortunately what you are describing happens.  It sounds like you might have a fractured root and the tooth may be hopeless.  Good luck

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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