Vertical Chin Reduction Cost and Expectations

I've had jaw realignment surgery. At the time, I was told my jaw had grown thicker on one side. Because of that, I have some remaining chin asymmetry. Since my jaw is fairly long to begin with, I'm considering vertical chin reduction to match the shorter side. It's not a drastic difference (very subtle, I realize). Is it possible to burr the chin down on one side? Also, is there a ballpark price range for this kind of procedure? Thanks!

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Chin reduction surgery

The proposed question is to reduce the vertical height of the chin and I have performed that operation many times.  In most cases, my preferred approach is throught the mouth and using highly specialized equipment, a "wedge" of bone is removed, and the longer side is rotated up.

Burring down the longer side is also an option.  Having both a medical as well as a dental degree, I believe gives a broader view of the subject and I would suggest looking for a surgeon like myself, who has experience in both areas.  See the video below for further information.

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Vertical chin reduction for asymmetric chin (PHOTO)

I would discuss this with your maxillofacial surgeon. Depending on time, facility, and anesthesia, fees will range from 3000-6000 USD.

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