Possible to Have Vertical C-section Scar Revised to Bikini Line?

I had my first child vertical c-section in 2002 bacause of placenta previa. For my second child in 2007 my scar was then again reopened.I  have been doing exercises for my stomach for about 3 months 4 times a week and I see my stomach tightening except for what looks to be a pouch around the scar, and the scar is indented. I am looking into having a Tummy Tuck procedure but the scars look horrible except where I dont have much fat. Is there a way to get a small bikini line revision?

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Revising a C section scar

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C section scars can be lowered to a bikini scar using a small surgical procedure for scar revision.  These new scars are often less noticeable.

Vertical scar and tummy tuck

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 A vertical scar from a c-section can be converted to a transverse or lower abdominal incision when a full tummy tuck is performed. It is just a matter of choice. 

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