Colleague Recommendations and or Help Finding Facial Surgeon in Florida W/ Experience in Synkinesis and Facial Palsy BOTOX?

I'm 38, and I’ve had Facial Palsy and Synkinesis on the right side of face over 30 years. I'm interested in BOTOX (less invasive) along with Facial Physical Therapy. I know 30 years is a long time, but some patients had results. I've had recent MRI (attached). I live in PCB, FL area, but will travel few hours away. I’ve talked with my Neurologist, and he will make a referral due to insurance (BCBS FL). Also open to out of pocket too. Thanks for any assistance, Dawn

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Facial Palsy and synkinesis

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I am based in London which is a little far for you! 

however this is exactly my area of interest and expertise. 

You could not do better than travel to Boston to see Dr Tessa Hadlock and Team including Mara (her Physiotherapist)

I visited their unit a few years ago and we colloborated on facial palsy research and in my opinon they have set the global gold standard for facial palsy management.

They are also hosting the global facial nerve symposium this year end June which I will be attending. You may find that of interest too!

Good luck

Synkinesis and Botox

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While we can't make specific recommendations you can always go onto the RealSelf website and look under physicians near you that do Botox. You can also look at the Botox website. Compare the two lists and make some calls. Ask specifically if the doctor is a core physician: derms, plastic, oculo plastics, and ask if that doctor has experience with your specific needs. Some doctors may offer free consultations so you can discuss what you're looking for. Especially for this specific criteria, make sure it's a physician that will be injecting you and not any other nurse, PA, etc. You need very experienced care for your specific needs.

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