What do you recommend to fix my chin? (Photo)

I've always have had a very small, receding chin which has made me very self conscious, and a little while back I fell down some stairs and landed on my jaw which I think made it slide back...or maybe I'm just now noticing how far back my chin goes. I also have a hard time closing my jaw completely and whenever I open my mouth to talk or eat it pops out of place and hurt very badly. what would be the best (and cheapest) way to make my chin/jaw look and feel better?

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Jaw implants

You have two separate issues that are related to your jaw anatomy –dislocating (popping) – joint anatomy and an overall small jaw.
Some exercises and training may help you avoid dislocating your jaw.
Implants could make your chin a better size for the rest of your face.

Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Chi surgery

Thanks for the question, Based on what I see in this picture, You can benefit from jumping genioplasty with out advancement. It is a procedure that bone cut is done through incision inside the mouth and chin is lengthened vertically with out advancement. Best Wishes,

Ali Totonchi, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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