Eyes different sizes and multiple eyelid creases. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello. I have eyes which are differently sized and very noticeable in photos. I also have multiple creases on my eyelids, I'd like to get them corrected and would like to know what my options are and what the problem is. Thank you

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Personally, I do not think upper eyelid fillers is an appropriate solution here.

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What you need is double fold surgery.  This will need to include a careful upper eyelid incision design, correction of the upper eyelid levator aponeurosis, and an anchor blepharoplasty.  The key is finding a surgeon who really does understand Asian eyelids.  You may need to travel to find the right surgeon.

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Eyelid filler to treat multiple creases

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Your upper eyelids are hollow and it is giving a deflated balloon effect with wrinkles. An effective treatment is filler or fat injection in the upper eyelids and brows, which would stretch out the multiple eyelid creases. See link below.

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