How to Verify Whether Mersilene Mesh Was Used in Nose Tip for a Nose Job Done 6 Week Ago?

If one wonders whether the doctor told the truth, how can one verify whether mersilene mesh was used in nose tip and the mobile part of the nose? The nose looks bigger than the original already big nose with the additional implant. Plus one side had more implant than the other. I would prefer to have my original nose back to the implant one. Is it possible to have the original nose back if the doctor did not cut anything?

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Mersilene mesh in rhinoplasty

Dr Fleming has given excellent points. Just to add: There should have been a sticker from the packet of mersilene used that would be attached to the operative records. Now If there are legitimate reasons why the implant should be removed then it should be done quick because there is significant tissue in-growth into the mersilene that would make it more difficult to remove later.

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Verify if Mersiline Mesh was used in Rhinoplasty

You ask several questions. If you want to know if Mersiline mesh was used in your rhnoplasty and what was done during the operation you can ask your surgeon and request a copy of your operative report. Asymmetrical swelling is possible 6 weeks post-op. You did the original operation because you not like your nose; I would not recommend that you try to get that nose back, but rather improve what you now have. Having said that, you need to wait 6-9 months to evaluate your final result.

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