Venus Freeze Following Upperarm Liposuction. Is it Safe?

I have had liposuction to my upper arms (along with a breast reduction) 5 months ago. Is it safe to have the Venus Freeze to tighten the laxity of the upper arm skin so soon and is there any risks to this procedure?

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Venus Freeze on ARMS

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Venus Freeze is a Non-surgical, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction treatment for the Face, Neck, and Body! In our office we combine the procedure Smartlipo with a 6-8 package of Venus Freeze treatment because it compliments the procedure so well and helps reduce swelling with the radio frequency and heat. The treatment is relaxing and soothing to those areas, especially the arms after smartlipo! I hope this helps you on your journey!:)

The Woodlands Family Physician
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Venus Freeze

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Hi Molly,
 We use Venus Freeze to tighten the skin on the upper arms.  You can proceed any time, no problem.  The risks are very minimal, if done with an experienced office.  All the best,
 "Dr. Joe"

Venus freeze after liposuction

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Venus freeze is a radiofrequency device that helps to tighten up skin when use over time. I think of it as a milder gentler form of Thermage that can be done over time. the only problem is the response rate which can vary from person to person and it is somewhat unpredictable. u might be one of the patients that will have a good result. there is no contraindication to the use of venus freeze but it depends on your condition and the areas of concern after liposuction. it would be best to ask this question from the doctor who did ur liposuction to make sure youve healed completely from the procedure and that your skin is ready for the venus freeze

Misbah Khan MD, FAAD, FACMS
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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