Venus Freeze for Skin Tightening of Neck and Around the Mouth: Concerned About Loosing Fat Below Cheeks and the Thyroid Gland?

Venus Freeze was recommended for neck and lower face to tightened the skin. I've looked into it more and, since it is used to reduce fat elsewhere, I now wonder about loosing fat (volume) under the cheeks. Is there a different head or machine or frequency used for the lower part of the face? Also how safe is it for the thyroid gland (I have a small nodule) when the neck is being done?

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Venus Freeze for neck - what about fat loss?

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The neck doesn't usually have that much fat to begin with. The two handpieces with the Venus Freeze are a bit different (one for the body has 8 and the one for the face/neck has 4), so what they do is a bit different. Additionally, the heat levels that one gets to in various areas will also be different, which is why there isn't fat loss on the face/neck when those areas are treated. The thyroid area can be treated safely, but if you haven't had your nodule checked out, I would suggest you do so.

Venus freeze for the face and its effect on fat

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There are two distinct handpieces on the Venus Freeze; one for the face and neck (which is small) and the other for the body (which is significantly larger). The settings can be adjusted so that in the face, only skin tightening occurs without any fat reduction.

Whilst some fat reduction is sometimes useful in the neck area and the, this would not be desirable in the cheeks or upper face. When treating the neck, there is the option of skin tightening alone or skin tightening with some fat reduction in those that have a excess neck fat. 

I presume you have had your thyroid nodule investigated (if not you should have an ultrasound plus potentially a biopsy). It should not affect your nodule at all.


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