What are the options on an extracted front tooth preparing for implant?

Does the space have to stay exposed for any length of time?

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Extracted front tooth

A CT scan can reveal whether you have enough bone to place the implant and connect the temporary tooth to the implant the same day of the surgery. Some patients consider the Maryland bridge as a temporary for extended waiting periods before the final crown can be connected. This concept connects the temporary to the back surfaces of the adjacent teeth with "wings" that are adhered to the enamel. 

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Extraction Followed By An Implant

I hate having to give this answer, but it depends on certain factors. The most important factor is how much bone do you have in order to place the implant. There are times that an implant can be put in at the time of the extraction, but there are other times where you might need to add additional bone ( Bone Graft) in order for the area to receive an implant. In that situation, it may take at least 6 months or more to place the implant. The time it takes to place the implant will also depend on the quality of the bone remaining. There is no set rule. Each situation is different. The good news is that there are temporary devices that can be made so you don't need to be without the front tooth while you wait to have the implant placed and you ultimately get the replacement tooth. 

Options for extracted front tooth for implants

Replacing a missing front tooth with an implant can be challenging sometimes.  Your options depend on several factors. Most importantly is the condition of the bone and gum in the area of the missing tooth.  Several factors affect the area of the missing tooth such as the time since the extraction, he reasons for removal of the tooth, and healing patterns that followed the extraction.

A careful evaluation will be needed before the implant is considered.  In some instances, the area of the missing tooth has to be "repaired" to replaced missing bone and gums.  This my include bone grafting and/or gum tissue grafting before implant can be placed.  In other instances, it may a straightforward implant placement. Other factors to consider include the condition of the neighboring teeth, the bite, and of course the smile pattern. Last but not least, it is possible that in some cases, a traditional bridge may provide a better overall result than an implant and considerations may be given to this option as well.

In short, find yourself a competent dental professional who can provide the treatment and coordinate the care in case a team approach is needed. Best of luck!

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