Ventral Hernia Repair and Abdominalplasty? (photo)

I'm revisiting this subject once again. My new surgeon (new hospital) is on the fence about simultaneous hernia repair and abdominalplasty. Her main concern is having too much skin removed. Her advice is to wait after the hernia repair, but she is going to consult with the plastic surgeon about other options such as a component separation and abdominalplasty combined. She says that she can repair the hernia laproscopically, but how would that affect a future tummy tuck? Thanks.

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Complex hernia and tummy tuck / Hernia compleja y abdominoplastia

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A complex hernia repair and tummy tuck can be performed at the same time. The real question is it right in your case. Unfortunately pictures do not do a hernia justice.  Only the surgeon or surgeons doing the repair can make the decision to do it in one or multiply steps.

La reparacion de una hernia compleja combinada a una abdominoplastia pueden ser heca al mismo tiempo. Pero la pregunta es, es este su caso? Desafortunadamente las fotos  muchas veces no ensenan lo que es. Solamente el cirujano o cirujanos en el momento de la cirugia pueden determinar si puede hacer ambos procedimientos al mismo tiempo.




Anire Okpaku MD

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Hernia repair and tummy tuck

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Having a hernia is a difficult problem, especially a recurrent one.  How it is repaired may affect your ability to have a tummy tuck...If done laparascopically, this should not affect it too much, assuming the incisions made for your surgeon's instruments are small.  However, if larger incisions are made (like those needed for a components seperation), this could potentially damage or decrease the blood supply needed to sustain the elevated tissue that is part of the tummy tuck.  This is assuming a pristine abdomen (without previous surgeries)in the first place. If you have had prior surgery, the incision lines have to be taken into account when planning your surgery. Make sure your surgeon and plastic surgeon are board certified in order to get the safest recommendations. Good Luck.

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