Ventral Hernia Mesh Removal with Abdominoplasty, Combination Surgery?

I am 37 male athletic 5ft 6 inch, 143 lbs. I had a small laparoscopic Ventral hernia repair with 10cm x 15cm Ventral Light Mesh, August 2011, Since them I had 2 small bowel obstruction and abdominal weakness remains. Note, I also have a small diastasis recti and 2 early stages hernia in the groin. I think my body has a problem with this mesh. Is it possible to have abdominoplasty to remove the mesh, repair ventral hernia non mesh, repair diastasis recti, and repair 2 hernia in groin all at once?

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Abdominoplasty with Ventral Hernia Mesh Removal

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Given your history and given that a large (10cm X 15 cm) mesh graft was used, I am not certain that an abdominoplasty with removal of the mesh would be in your best interest.  Before proceeding with this surgery I would suggest you notify the surgeon who placed the mesh and have him/her speak with the surgeon you are considering for the abdominoplasty. Your's is a more complex case and requires good communication between your surgeons.  Best wishes. 

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Yes, a tummy tuck would allow access to remove the ventral hernia mesh.

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Hello, An abdominoplasty procedure would provide the exposure needed to both remove the hernia mesh, correct abdominal wall weakness/rectus diastasis and repair inguinal hernias if present. The process would not likely address, however, the source of your bowel obstructions. In place of the synthetic mesh you may opt for direct repair of the inguinal hernias with reinforcement using acellular dermal matrix. All the best, Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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