Symmastia repair, rippling still present. My surgeon was supposed to use Alloderm but changed his mind. Was he right? (Photo)

I had a symmastia repair about 6 months ago to correct the problem that occurred 10 years before. My surgeon said he would use alloderm to fix that and the rippling.But then after my surgery he told me he didn't use the alloderm because I didn't need it.6 months later I have severe rippling medialy worse then before. He is now telling me to do fat grafting and says he didn't use alloderm because I had no pectoral muscles left to attach it to. Is he right in not using alloderm in the first place?

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symmastia and rippling are often difficult problems to deal with. Alloderm is a great tool to repair this because like fat, it can thicken areas so that the implant is not as palpable or visual. Please see a board-certifed plastic surgeon who can handle these challenging cases and give you want you want.

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Both can help with rippling

Hi. Both acellular dermis and fat grafting can help with rippling. Symmastia can be very difficult to correct, and it looks like your surgeon did a good job. In some cases if the tissues are thin, you might also get a better look with shaped silicone implants, although they will feel more firm. You should follow-up with your doctor to discuss the concerns. If the symmastia was corrected without adding alloderm, the risks of using it (serum, infection) might outweigh the benefits.

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Symmastia repair, rippling still present. My surgeon was supposed to use Alloderm but changed his mind. Was he right?

Your rippling are visible and should be addressed at some point. I am happy to see that the synmastia has been taken care of. Please follow up with your doctor as these issues require the attention of a plastic surgeon.

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Revision #BreastAugmentation Results

From your photos, it is clear that you have post-op rippling. However, why this occurred is difficult to determine. Alloderm can help this, but so too can fat grafting. Thin women are prone to this as well as patients using saline implants. It is likely you would need to see a plastic surgeon in person to better determine the best options to correct these issues as this can be quite complex.

You should see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to get a formal opinion through an in-person consultation.
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Implant rippling

There are different ways to deal with implant rippling.  Using and acellular dermal matrix like Alloderm and fat grafting are both good options to improve the appearance of the breasts.  I recommend speaking with your plastic surgeon or getting a second opinion to determine which option is best for you.  Good luck.

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Rippling after breast surgery repair.

Hello Pookie.bear. Your question is too complex for the internet. It sounds like you're seeking a second opinion on the surgery that was done and that is best done by seeing another surgeon that is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You will have to bring your medical records for review including the operative notes from all your surgery to see what was done each time. Having said that, I personally have operated on women after they had many operations to the breasts where the pectoralis muscle was removed aggressively due to recurrent capsule contractures. I could therefore see how this scenario could present itself. There's no way to know in your case, however, until a full review of your records. Fat injections will help to camouflage the rippling and perhaps your PS has a favorable revision surgery policy in place that makes it economically better to stay with him/her. Best wishes, Dr. ALDO.

Aldo Guerra, MD
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