Veneers, Crowns, or Bonding for 3 Chipped Front Teeth? (photo)

I broke 3 of my front teeth about a year ago. The picture is attached - the middle tooth lost quite a bit, but the others are just chipped down at the bottom. I initially got bonding. However he told me long-term I'd need to get crowns or veneers, since the bonding would start to wear away and chip in 2-3 years. Now, one dentist is recommending 3 crowns. Another is recommending 1 crown and 3 veneers. What should I do? And how long is the bonding likely to last?

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Veneers, Crowns, or Bonding for Chipped Front Teeth

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The pictures you sent are really helpful to get a better idea of much tooth structure is missing.  You have several choices, and they will vary in cost, life expectancy, and esthetic outcome.

If you want to receive the best possible option, then you will want to get a crown on the badly broken tooth, and porcelain veneers on the other 3 front teeth. 

If cost is a concern, then consider adressing just the top two front teeth with porcelain, one with a crown and one with a veneer.  The third broken tooth can keep it's bonding for the time being.

When finances allow, you can simply add the additional veneers.  This way, you can head in the direction that you want, but break down the costs to make it more affordable.

I hope that this information was helpful.

Take care.....Dr C

Freehold Dentist

Veneers crowns or bonding for chipped teeth.

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Thanks for sending the photos.  It looks like your bonding is still serving you well. When it becomes time to replace them, you will probably need 1 Crown and 3 Veneers in order to keep everything symmetrical on your 4 front teeth.  I would not crown all 4 of them and you would not want to mix and match bonding and veneers.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Bonding VS veneers

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You are the best judge. If you like what you have do not do anything right now and wait till they change color, or chip, ect...

If you do not like what you have this minute, then You probably need 1 crown and 3 veneers to get your front four teeth in a batter shape. 

Always check the vitality of the damaged teeth. They can start darkening if their nerve within starts to  die . If any of them dies, and darkens you'll need root canals as well. This may not happen for quiet sometime or never. 



Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

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Two veneers and a crown for your "banged up" front teeth is the best long term solution.

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While the bonding done by your dentist is a great immediate repair option, composite resin does wear, can discolor, and does not have the same translucency and aesthetic properties as glazed porcelain. Based on the photo you submitted, it appears that the upper right central incisor and upper left lateral incisor can be treatment with veneers. However, the upper left central incisor appears to have significantly more structural damage which would require a full coverage crown. The ceramic material can be the same and I would recommend E-Max for its superior aesthetics and resilience.

Veneers Crowns or Bonding for 3 Chipped Front Teeth

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It looks like your bonding is still serving you well. When it becomes time to replace them, you will probably need 1 Crown and 3 Veneers in order to keep everything symmetrical on your 4 front teeth.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Veneers, crowns or bonding

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In the cases of the trauma of anterior teeth composite bonding can be a savior for quite some time. It looks like your dentist did a really good job with anterior composite. If you were my patient I probably will recommend you to wait a little with these porcelain restorations. And probably before you will go into final restorations we will recommend you to do the teeth whitening, to achieve better and brighter aesthetic results. 

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