Can I Get Veneers if my Upper and Lower Incisors Come in Contact While Chewing?

I am a 25 year old girl and have healthy, but small teeth that barely show when I smile. So I want to get veneers to make my teeth look bigger. But when i close my jaw, the biting edge of my upper incisors lies exactly on top of the biting edge of my lower incisors. And since I also have small molars, this means that my front teeth sometimes come in contact while chewing. Does this mean I cannot make my front teeth any bigger than they are right now? Are veneers not an option for me? -Thanks.

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Yes, veneers may be part of your solution

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Your detailed description of your teeth and 'your bite' is awesome!  You may be describing a bite problem or what dentist call an Occlusion problem.  The small size of your teeth now may be due to how they contact during your natural chewing cycle.

You definitely need to have a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified cosmetic dentist.  Your evaluation will include orthodontic records (special xrays and making models of your teeth).  The solution for you may include orthodontics to get your bite correct first.  After the orthodontics is complete - only then would getting veneers give you the beautiful, full size teeth, you desire.

Of course, this description on my part is just an educated guess based on your description.  You definitely need to seek a professional consultation in a real dental office.  You may also need a few consultations (2nd & 3rd opinions) - as your case sounds complex.  Best of luck - you deserve the smile of your dreams!

Plano Dentist


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You can try invisalign to move the teeth out of edge to edge. There will be some maintenance with veneers when the bite is edge to edge, such as possibility of chipping. Try whitening your teeth with invisalign combination first. I believe your natural teeth is still the best. The invisalign will align the tooth to allow a more conservative prep if you decide to have veneer later. I have done full mouth crowns that you are able to adjust the occlussal clearance so the patients bite is not edge to edge. I usually do this only because the patient is very unhappy with the esthetic of all the teeth. Which is usually badly stain and with substantial amount of wear.


Daniel Huang, DDS

Daniel C. Huang, DDS
Newport Beach Dentist

Can I have Porcelain Veneers if my Teeth bite on the Edges?

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The answer is-possibly. It will really depend upon exactly how close your bite is and if your natural bite is really the correct one (sometimes when you are biting on the edge of those front teeth it is more of a posture than an actual fixed position.


It also depends upon what changes you are trying to make. It's possible that you may have to have some veneers done on some of the lower teeth to borrow some space to make the top ones look great.


In a situation like this you will want to meet with a VERY experienced cosmetic dentist. He will likely take some models of your teeth, and it may require making a wax design BEFORE any conclusions can be made about how great it will look, how long it will last, or if it's even a great idea.

Thanks, Scott Greenhalgh, DDS

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Teeth contacting while chewing can affect veneer placement

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If you are contacting on the biting edges of your teeth while you're chewing, veneers may not be a stand-alone option for you.  Either orthodontics or onlays on your back teeth may be required to help open your bite to create space for porcelain. 

Also, you can lengthen teeth sometimes with gum surgery as well as veneers.  Make sure you see a dentist who is trained not only in cosmetics with veneers but also knows about esthetic gum treatments, whether he or she does them himself or herself. 

Gerilyn Alfe, DMD
Chicago Dentist

Veneers CAN be placed to make teeth longer

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Seek advice (beyond a simple website;  get an exam and evaluation) from an experienced dentist familiar with cosmetics.  Many cases like yours can be done very simply with 8-10 veneers, but may also require onlays on the posterior teeth to open the bite to create room.  

Veneers ARE an option, but careful research is important, AND not all dentists are capable of helping in a conservative and long lasting fashion.  Experience matters here.

Before Getting Veneers, Do Your Research

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Getting veneers is a huge investment that is permanent.  If you wnat to do veneers both for color and shape, that is one thing.  To get veneers to change your bite is another. 

- Always seek out a orthodontic conultation and discuss your complaints with them first.  Then between the orthodontist and your veneer specialist can you make a plan that works for you. 

- Braces(orthodontics) can be chaeper and a better long term solution to your dental needs.

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

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