Are Veneers the only option to hide thinning enamel? (Photo)

I am noticing how my front teeth have started to become more transparent due to thinning of my enamel. I am very concerned because of my teeth, since I have went through so much pain and operations to get the smile I was dreaming for. I think it is noticeable that the front teeth are getting more transparent at the edges. I don't know if I should consider getting veneers with 21 although my case is not so dramatic. What can I do? Should I get veneers already? Is a lot of enamel already gone ?

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Thinning enamel

Bonding is a more conservative alternative to veneers but will periodically need replacement. 
A more important question is why is your enamel thinning.  This can happen due to excessive acid exposure, examples are sucking on lemon or limes or gastric acid reflux.  Carbonated sodas can also create problems especially if large amounts are taken in.

Severe grinding can also cause problems.  Addressing the source of the problem is essential to prevent future problems.

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