Can Veneers Be Done If Teeth Are Not Straight?

My teeth are not bad just a little crooked I can live with them but I don't like them. Also what places do you suggest me go see for a consultation In the NY-NJ- area for veneers? Can I get away with veneers only on the top and leave the bottom and is it ok if the top are more whiter than the bottom?

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Veneers Can Be Done if Teeth are not Straight

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Yes, Porcelain Veneers can be done on the top teeth only to improve the alignment. It is perfectly OK if the upper teeth are a little whiter than the lowers. You might even be able to bleach (whiten) the lower teeth to get the color closer to match the uppers. Call my office for a complimentary consultation. I'm located in Gramercy Park, Manhattan.

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