Should I Get my Veneers Redone?

I have gotten veneers and they look ok but I think they are too small for my face/mouth. I have full lips and I want a movie star big smile like Jessica Alba. Should I get them lengthened? My dentist said they would be too long and I would look horse-y but I don't agree. Also I think they may be too round and want to make them more square and like the third picture I have but my dentist said that would look "manly". How can I improve my smile?

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Sometimes to get the smile you want, interviewing dentists is needed

Not all dentists are trained in smiles. Many are, and can mock up your smile to show what can be done. The two most common methods are:

  • Direct mock-ups
  • Indirect lab wax-ups

Direct mock ups are done by directly applying material to the teeth and sculpting it in the mouth. This allows immediate input by you to what you are looking for (and you can judge for yourself how it looks).

Indirect lab wax-ups is taking impressions and sending to a lab for a "diagnostic wax-up". This becomes "blueprints" for the smile and can be placed in the mouth for a "trial smile" for your evaluation as well.

There is usually a fee for each choice, but after a small investment you may find the original dentist was right and be able to walk away before anything irreversible is done.

I personally have delivered smiles to people that I thought looked manly or horse-like, but the patient was thrilled. Ultimately it is YOU that needs to be happy.

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From your photo, it looks like you may benefit from longer teeth.  it will make them look narrower.  But you more be evaluated on how a change will function AND how it will look.

You can have a very feminine smile and still make your teeth more square.  it just requires the right cosmetic dentist with the ear for listening to your desires. an eye for detail and the patience to transform your desires into your smile.

I would suggest you make a small investment in a mockup that will give you a sense of what is possible, and see if you like the change.


Good luck!

Gary Lederman, DMD
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Sounds like you have high expectations

If you want a certain result, you need to be treated by someone who can deliver them.  I have a very specific protocol to treat someone with expectations like you.  First, I mock up the smile to see if we are on the right track.  If you feel comfortable going forward with treatment, we approve the mock-up and try to make the temporaries as close to that as possible.  Before we fabricate the final veneers, I make sure you are happy with the shape, legnth, color, etc... of the temporary veneers and then we fabricate the real ones to look like the temporaries.

You really need to see someone who specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry.  On top of that, you may need to see someone who has the patience to listen to you and make the changes you want.  But you can expect to pay a little more for that.

M. Andrew Atwood, DDS
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If you're not happy get new ones...Simple!

Always get the best that way you'll never be unhappy. If you dont like your veneers then seek out a Dentist who will give you the treatment you want. Yes large veneers can look large but it depends on facial contours etc. Sometimes your bite will not allow for really long veneers.

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