Why is There Such a Huge Variation in Price For Ceramis Veneers By Two Different Dentists?

Hi Im 30 now. I went to some doctors , they said i needed veneers to close gaps between my teeth. One quotes me 599 per tooth and other 2 quote me around 1300 per teeth , both are ceramic verneer. Im wondering why there is big price difference.

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Price for Veneers

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Basically, you get what you pay for.  If someone can do veneers for $599 per tooth I would be leery about the quality of the lab - a top notch ceramic lab will bill close to that.  The dentist's training and skill and your geographical area accounts for the rest...

Ontario Dentist

Why Such a Huge Price Variation For Porcelain Veneers By Two Different Dentists?

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Porcelain veneers are amazing and can be life changing!

Many dentists do porcelain veneers now, however they are not all the same. You may want to ask questions about what extra training they received in learning cosmetic dentistry. You may also find it helpful to ask to see before and after pictures of the work they have done.


A great cosmetic dentist will have very nice photos. An average practitioner will have sloppy photos or ones that are hard to see what they really did.


There is also a wide range in the skill level of the labs that make the veneers. One of the biggest mistakes I see made in veneers right now is that they look like they came off an assembly line. They all turn out looking the same. 


People are not all the same. Your smile is different that someone else's. 

Spend the time to find a great cosmetic dentist. Get it done right the first time. It will be well worth the cost!

Explanation of Fee for Veneers

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Veneers are not all the same......the dentists that do a lot of veneers and are very good at placing them......and the geographical area you live in all influence the price you will pay for veneers,  If you are considering getting veneers to close gaps between teeth, I would probably have offered other options that are less invasive first and less costly and then I would have suggested veneers. You are 30 years old and you will be living with what you choose for a long time. Bonding is reversible, inexpensive and closes gaps nicely between teeth. Durability and longevity is not the same as veneers. Veneers should last 15 to 20 years if they are taken care of. Prices vary from $700 to $2,200 depending whether you are in a rural area of a large city. It also depends on the lab and the experience of the dentist, You are paying for not just a product but a combination of talent artistry and end result. If I chose to do a hip resurface rather than a replacment, the product alone runs a certain fee but the doctor I choose to make sure this product will allow me to go back to competing in an Iron Man Marathon, has a huge bearing on the cost of the entire procedure.  This is your smile and you have only one set of teeth! Make sure you see before and after pics ....go online and do research on cost and different type of porcelain veneers....Empress, Emax, Feldspathic, or non prep veneers, where there is little or no reduction of the tooth.  Do your home work and you will be better equipped to make an informed choice.

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

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Base your decision on quality not fees for varying veneer cost.

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Variation of fees are almost always due to quality of work and quality of care.  A veneer is not something you pick off a shelf. If you are looking for a stereo system and you find the same exact one for $100 less then by all means get the cheaper one (after all it is the same brand name and model).

Veneers are totally different. Do not shop around for this or you will pay the consequenses later. Poorly done veneers can cause harm to your teeth and gums in the long run.

There are may aspects in making veneers including: treatment planning, wax up, tooth preparation, temporaries, bonding, and lab tech support.  If you are quoted $600 for a veneer, chance are they are taking short cuts in all those aspects.  Also, this means the dentist has to do things very quickly to make up for the low fee. So the quality or care and techniques will suffer. My veneer fee is around the $1300 range as well and we do not take any short cuts. Our porcelain lab cost is in the $300-$400 range. If I charged $600 I would be loosing money on every veneer.

Pick a dentist who can show you cases they have done and who is very picky and meticulous about their work.

Would you shop around for a cheap plastic surgeon to operate on your face? I think you would ask around and see who is the best. I suggest you do the same for your teeth.

Good luck

Dr. T

Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

Many factors in fees

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There are many ways a dentist can save money and pass on the savings to the patient, but that often isn't what a patient really wants.  The first fee you quote is very nearly the lab fee from a talented ceramic lab, so I can only assume the low fee means the dentist is doing the lab work themselves or sending to a lab in Costa Rica or similar.  Extremely low fees also reflect the care, skill and judgement of the dentist and may indicate very little training or experience with porcelain veneers (you may be their first case).  Ask about their training and ask for photos of their work.

Much goes into determining a fair fee, but I would suggest the second one is likely more able to satisfy your goals.

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