Can Veneers Match Teeth Exactly in Color?

 I have just had a brace taken off and have gaps in my front teeth. I am meant to be having eight veneers but now have doubts.

My teeth all appear to be quite good apart from gaps at front and worn down through bite not right. However they are not stained and in good condition. I also do not like the idea of wearing a permanent hard retainer at night forever.

What alternatives are there. Would just two front veneers look odd?

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Veneers Can Indeed Match

Depending on where the gaps are and how large they are, changes my answer. There is a golden rule of tooth shape and proportions. If the space between your front teeth is too large placing only two veneers will give an oversized look. More veneers may be needed to balance the shape and size. Most importantly you will always need to wear a retainer at night or a full coverage night guard to prevent shifting.

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Porcelain CAN match teeth color very well

The standard number of teeth that can be treated for a porcelain smile makeover is 8, and can often be 10 or more. While the shade CAN be matched, there is the issue of metamerism (when light reacts with different materials in a different way). In certain lighting situations, they may look exact, yet in other lighting, not quite.

When closing gaps, doing JUST 2 may not create the desired result. Ask the treating dentist to show the diagnostic wax-up and decide if you like what is planned. If you are OK, then only 2 might work.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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Two veneers will work

A good orthodontist would have closed the gaps, if that's what you wanted; Or he could have spaced out the gaps in preparation for the veneers.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
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Veneers to close gaps

An experienced cosmetic dentist can measure your teeth and the gaps to predict how your smile will look with 2 vs 8 veneers. If the front gap is very large, the 2 veneers may end up making your 2 front teeth look way too big (Chicklet-like). Get more than one opinion, visit more than one office. Look for credentials, before and after cases that look like you own case (make sure the patients are patients of that dentist - not just purchased photos), and up-to-date technology. Good Luck!

Susan Goode Estep, DMD
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