Veneers or Lumineers? (photos)

Long story short: I've had braces twice which didn't help as we can see, and a retainer (also of no help). I know I'll need a bridge for my front bottom since my baby teeth never fell out and no permanent teeth exist underneath. I'm not worried about that. It's the top part. I figured 4 veneers, but my dentist wants me to get 8. I don't want 8..for one it's already too pricey. Can veneers/lumineers elongate my side teeth? What's the going rate, do you suppose? (I live in DC if that helps)

update 5-14-12:
would it be plausible to get 4 veneers (for the 2 front teeth and sides) and then bonding on the canines? Or even 2 veneers (for laterals) & then bonding on the front two and the two canines? I am on a budget (mega $$ student loans! -_- $$) The bonding would be til I saved up to replace w/ veneers in the near future & can it make teeth slightly bigger?

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4 veneers is rarely satisfactory to patients

Lumineers is a brand of porcelain, and one that I do not care for.  I think there are better brands.

After a diagnostic wax up I think you will see why 4 would not make you happy.  Only you can decide, but 8 is very likely to give you what you want.


Look into a dental financing company to allow payments to fit in your budget.  Composite bonding should be a last option, but realize it is a compromise and one that you likely won't like.

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Have A Diagnostic Wax Up to Look at Your Smile Options

Before you do anything, find a dentist who will take impressions and make models of your smile and then 'wax' them to ideal. Go in to look at how it will look and do a mock up(we actually try in a model of the wax up). We do this all the time-it's fun and very helpful! You can do bonding first and eventually do veneers down the road as well!

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
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Lumineers or veneers for spacing

Lumineers is just a brand name of a type of veneer.  I personally do not like the way a Lumineer looks.  From your photos I would recommend 6 or 8 as if you do only the front 4 it will make them very large and you will look awkward.  Your teeth will not be proportioned properly and you may be unhappy with the final look.  Ask you dentist to do a wax up to see what your various options look like


Leonard Tau, DMD
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Dental cosmetic solutions using Veneers and Lumineers

Veneers and Lumineers are great options to correct spaces, and unattractive teeth.  Lumineers works well on small teeth. misshaped teeth and dark teeth

Veneers does the same as Lumineers but it will not appear as bulk and give a more natural look.  

If you want only 4 Veneers YOU MUST LOVE your canines teeth.  6 Veneers in most cases will appear more natural and you do not have to worry about natural tooth discoloration of real enamel.  Porcelain can not be bleached. 


Charmen Douglas DMD

Charmen Douglas, DDS
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Lumineers or veneers

Lumineer is a porcelain  product name. I personally do not like the aesthetic properties of lumineers. in your case 4 veneers will give you four large wide looking front teeth, not your best option. Your bite is also over closed. looking at your case re-constructively , taking into consideration that your jaw needs better alignment for your head and neck, and TMJ health as well as longevity of your restoration, you best options in order of optimum result both functionally and aesthetically would be:


  1. Full mouth reconstruction
  2. Upper arch reconstruction ( dealing with your lowers later)
  3. 8 veneers
  4. 4 veneers.

Good luck

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Veneers to fix a smile that went wrong..

Veneers are thin precision crafted porcelain facings that can change the shape, colour and form of the teeth.  Asking "veneers or lumineers?" is much like asking "cereal or cheerios?", the best product to use depends on the clinical indication, much like the best cereal depends on personal taste.

To answer the question, veneers can be used to elongate the side teeth. 4 veneers may be enough but it may not allow your dentist to give proper proportions to the teeth.  There may be a need to adjust the height of the gum tissue by preforming a gum lift as well.  Average for a veneer is 1000-2500 per tooth. 

Trust in your provider and you wont regret the results.



Dan Hagi, DDS
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4 or 8 Veneers/Lumineers

From your photos, it appears that your dentist is correct in suggesting 8 Veneers. If you only do 4 veneers, the 4 teeth will have to be way too wide and will not be proportional to your adjacent teeth. The esthtics of Veneers is much better than Lumineers.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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