How long till post op pain goes away with veneers?

veneers - how long till post op pain goes away? I had 4 top front veneers put on 3 weeks ago and if I try to eat ANYTHING with those it hurts and I can not do it.

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Persistent pain after veneer placement is pretty abnormal

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If you are still in pain, weeks after your veneer placement, I suggest that you return to your dentist for an adjustment or two.  It sounds pretty obvious to me that your bite is likely a little off.  This means that you are unknowingly putting more pressure on one tooth more than the other and this is causing excruciating pain for extended periods of time without relief from over-the-counter or prescription meds.  Once your bite is adjusted in a 10 minute visit in the dental chair.  For some dental offices, it is not uncommon for patients to return a few times for adjustments.  Veneers are what I do, so "Follow" me if you have more questions about them.
Sarah Thompson, DMD

Persistent Post-Op Pain in New Veneers

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Three weeks of not being able to bite on new veneers is unusual.  You should contact your dentist asap and have them checked, especially the bite to see if it is uneven or heavy on the veneers.  Other possible causes are a problem with the bonding technique or possibly nerve involvement.

Post op pain with veneers

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Aside from minimal sensitivity there is usually not post op pain with consevative veneers.  Is the pain temperature sensitivity or pain on biting, or is it pain in the gums?

A bite issue can cause all three types of pain and correcting it will often lead to quick relief.  If the bite is good and sensitivity is the problem the use of an anti-inflammatory nsaid such as advil or alieve can be used for 3-4 days on a regular  (max dose ) by the clock basis and then stopped cold turkey.  Tjhis will often allow healing to occur.

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