Can Veneers Fix my Allignment? (photo)

I had a tooth extracted when I was younger from my top row before I had braces put on due to overcrowding. I feel like it has severely impacted the top alignment of where each of my teeth should be, affecting the aesthetic of my smile. Can veneers (and how many?) or another cosmetic procedure fix this?

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Veneers can improve alignment of teeth

It's hard to tell from your picture. Try to send a few more photos aimed dead-on center both with your teeth closed in a bite and slightly separated. It's hard to tell from this photo how your upper and lower midlines match up. I also notice a gum swelling on your upper left whick must be dealt with.

New York Dentist

Veneers to Finish Aesthetics

Sure a veneer or porcelain crown can realign the shape and position of the teeth.  The question is, "How far do you want to go with it?"  The color and shape of your teeth are very nice.

You have a space visible around your second tooth from center on the upper left side because this tooth is rotated slightly.  One crown or veneer should fix this, but is this spot your only concern?

The picture is slightly blurred, but it also looks like the gums need attention on the upper left side.  Sometimes we need to recontour the gumline to achieve better results.  More pictures would help.  Let us know if you have any more questions!

Justin Mund, DDS
Fort Worth Dentist

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