Veneers or Crowns to Fill Gaps Not Closed by my Braces?

My Ortho wants to do veneers across my 6 front teeth to fill gaps, but my dentists thinks it would be better to do crowns on the four teeth by the gaps. My teeth are in good shape we just need to fill the gaps that braces could not close.. Dentists says veneers would be more damaging and not last as long, I'm 42 & want what's best in the long run.

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Veneers versus crowns

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Correctly done veneers are more conservative than porcelain crowns. This means that less tooth is ground away and you have a lot more natural tooth structure left which is better long term.  I was curious why four teeth are being recommended.  Most orthodontic cases that we work with orthodontists for have closed all the spaces except for the lateral incisors.  

If you can take a photo so we can see your teeth, I think you will get some good advice.  Also, if the spaces are small dental bonding can work great and involves no tooth reduction when blending to the teeth.



Houston Dentist

Veneers or Crowns

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Wow..That sure is a confusing scenario. Well, since whichever treatment you pick will be done by your general dentist and not by your orthodontist (I believe), it is important that he or she is comfortable with the treatment that is being performed. Veneers if done carefully should be less damaging then crowns and if maintained properly, should last a long time. However, if your dentist has recommended crowns for any other reasons then what you have mentioned, then you may want to check with him or her again. I would also suggest a second opinion from a trained cosmetic dentist. Good Luck!

Hema Patel, DDS
Fremont Dentist

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